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Ronel is a brand-spanking new indie author. She loves creating fantastical worlds set in the future, the mythical, and the horrific. Translate: She writes science-fiction, fantasy and horror novels.


Her life story is not particularly fascinating, but her love of technology, PC games and writing is. Beside writing, she spends her time slaying rendered baddies in the form of robots, gangsters and aliens - with any weapon that happens to be at hand.


Ronel has published her first science-fiction book, Compile:Quest. She's currently hard at work creating the second book in the Corrupted SUN Script trilogy. When she's not writing, she's gaming, and when she's not gaming she's either sleeping or eating, as these are prerequisites for a continued life on planet Earth.


Outsourced - Eric J. Gates

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Outsourced is a thriller following the story of two authors as they attempt to decipher the mystery behind a serial killer’s success without injuring innocent people in the process. In this fast-paced thriller, Eric J Gates combines many elements of the perfect thriller - a fast pace, well-defined characters and a deceptively twisty plot.

Add some paranormal elements, a touch of humour at just the right times, and thorough research and you have an excellent read. The action scenes were breathtakingly action-packed, and the ending was epic. Especially since I quite smugly thought I’d worked out the ending and was then proved very wrong. I love it when a book isn’t a paper cut out of overdone plots and fake characters.
The research behind the elements in the book was done perfectly - as in, not dumped on the reader in the form of an essay, but wreathed into the plot so that you didn’t even notice it. It spoke volumes of the writer’s authority on the subject.

I only wish the relationship between the characters could have been explored more. Maybe in a follow up book we could see if Beasley and Mason go on any more “dates”?

The way the writer speaks about destiny versus fate made a lot of sense, and I appreciated the way these arcane subjects were entwined into the story. I especially liked the ending. It was both unexpected and heartwarming.
This is a definite page-turner and I will highly recommend it to anyone looking for a punch in the adrenal gland.